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The Making of

The Making of the Original Music for Ancient Lands and Lives
Above the Grand Canyon Rims 

How was the Ancient Lands and Lives
Above the Grand Canyon Rims
music video composed/performed
by the iconic Mark Wood, 
original member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?


The emmy-award-winning composer-electric violin

performer, Mark Wood, explored a spontaneous

immersive creative process by viewing the

music video's visual story including a wide range

of sweeping landscapes, diverse wildlife (mountain lions,

American badgers, black bears, gray foxes, etc.), night skies,

extreme weather and ancient native american sacred Grand

Canyon lands.


Intuitively, Mark began to instantly play his seven string viper electric violin and move as if he were standing on the Grand Canyon's Rims.  Each music video film chapter was like a high-powered symphonic movement carving the canyon with electric violin sliding sounds.  He even developed the sounds of wildlife interactions like BigHorn sheep ramming heads and the mountain lion stalking them on their rock ledges near the juniper pine forest.


Listen to this artful interpretive music experience as if you were seeing Above Grand Canyon skies, on its canyons rims and becoming part of its wildlife in their daytime and nighttime adventures. It will elevate your spirits!

Laura Kaye, Mark Wood's band member and wife, contributed to the music video's voice to amplify the presence of the Grand Canyon's magnificent lands and to elevate the film by giving it a human touch reaching for the ancient sky's expansive cloud formations with her uplifting voice.


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The Trans- Siberian Orchestra Experience (TSO)

"Uplifting and Inspiring music composer, Mark Wood, original member of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has created a Grand Canyon spontaneous style composition for the Ancient Lands and Lives-Above the Grand Canyon Rims music video that is immersive just like a customized live concert experience with the wildlife in the audience.  Utilizing his seven string electric viper violin, one feels more alive listening to this musical journey and images wrapped within one of the world's natural wonders."

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Experience transforms one's senses to a heightened level when you see the TSO Band  and/or Mark Wood in a Live concert.  There is true synergy in the evolution of their energetic musical entertainment styles of engaging the complete visual and sound senses of audiences.


Learn about Mark Wood's Foundation

Electrify Your Symphony (EYS) is a music education phenomenon that FIRES UP students, teachers, and local communities by injecting a high voltage dose of energy and much-needed funding into a school’s music education program. This intensive experience boosts student self-esteem and motivation, increases school-wide, family and community engagement, and helps raise money for participating schools.


Created by international recording artist, electric violinist, and music education advocate Mark Wood, EYS accomplishes this by having our team of teaching artists work with orchestra, choir, and band students to put on real life, real world rock concerts at their schools, local theaters, or arenas; with ticket sales directly benefiting the participating music departments.


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