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Carol J. Amore

Carol J. Amore is an award-winning wildlife filmmaker-photographer-producer whose sense of adventure leads her into remote parts of the world.  She believes the soul never thinks without a picture and that the filmmaker will help preserve wildlife through finding those great images that enrich and elevate the lives of others.



Museum Exhibition 1- Photo of Carol Amore by Sam Bassett.JPG

Wildlife Worlds-Adventures in Nature Productions is her company dedicated to creating compelling wildlife stories including tracking India’s wild tigers; filming Africa’s big cats and wildebeest & zebra migrations; navigating  tundra buggies to film Arctic’s polar bears, and exploring American‘s wilderness through the lives of North American big cats and wildlife predators. 

In 2023, Ancient Lands and Lives-Above the Grand Canyon Rims  is her new high-impact music video designed to inspire domestic and international audiences to experience the Grand Canyon's sweeping landscapes, unique wildlife interactions and its tribal sacred lands.


For many people and families, the Grand Canyon is a remarkable lifetime immersive experience imprinted in their memories forever.


She believes in the synergy of new camera systems and video production technologies to capture the best images for the film's story.


Innovative 4K filming-photography, special time-lapse filming, state of the art video production techniques using AI motion graphics and original music composition with the world acclaimed Mark Wood,

original member of the Trans-Siberia Orchestra, has enhanced this upbeat music video to inspire the preservation of the Grand Canyon areas and its wildlife.  (


Wildlife is her passion and her purpose to work towards meaningful conservation solutions for endangered wild animals and humans to coexist. 

For Carol, actions speak louder than words when it comes to saving wildlife. Her award-winning 20 Ways To Track A Tiger interactive e-book is part of a global media engagement effort to continue with her wild tiger conservation efforts. (


Carol is also a member of the ASMP(Association of Media Photographers) and NANPA

(North American Nature Photographers Association).

She is also a member of The Explorers Club, an Acclaimed Global Exploration Organization 

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