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We have now won in
the Film category of
Best Cinematography
and Music Video 

Feb. 2024

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"Amazing and Awesome, Ancient Lands and Lives-Above the Grand Canyon Rims, is an original Docu-Music video that integrates

dramatic music and images to tell the story of the Grand Canyon lands, Arizona's unique wildlife interactions and their young (including mountain lions and other predators/prey), its extreme weather conditions (monsoon thunderstorms/lightning) and the sacred indigenous tribal presence.

Improvisational music was composed and performed by me

with my award-winning seven-string viper violin which has the range of a full orchestra experience.  Each film chapter of this Docu-Music video has a powerful impact on a wide range of audiences and a compelling imprint to draw them to visit the Grand Canyon to see it for themselves."

Mark Wood, original member of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Emmy-Award winning Composer/Electric Violin Performer/Producer and 

founder/owner of 

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" Intriguing and dynamic exploration of The Grand Canyon's Night Sky blended with its wide range of territorial Arizona wildlife (mountain lions, bobcats, badgers, eagles, hawks, etc.) and authentic native american cultural heritage you will travel into a unique canyon cosmos and be transformed by its natural wonders."

Michael West, Astronomer,

Science Communicator

Lowell Observatory,

Flagstaff, Arizona

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                                Ancient Lands & Lives - Above The Grand Canyon Rims 

is a high impact and fast-paced short Docu-music video that embraces Arizona’s Grand Canyon wildlife experience through versatile animal habitats and its resilient pinyon-juniper evergreen trees on the Canyon's Rims.  Its vast colorful canyon rock formations reveal layers in geological time, dramatic thunderstorms with rising cloud formations, dark night skies (Milky Way Galaxy visible) and sacred tribal lands.


The emmy-award-winning composer-electric violin performer for this music video, Mark Wood, original member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, played his unique seven-stringed viper electric violin like a series of high-powered symphonic movements interpreting the Grand Canyon, portraying wildlife behaviors and reaching up into its ever-changing skies. His music inspires one's spirit.


Elusive Grand Canyon predator families includes mountain lions, bobcats, wolves, coyotes, gray foxes and even birds of prey

( American eagle, Golden eagles, Red-tailed hawks, Peregrine falcons).  Resident desert Bighorn sheep, mule deer and other wildlife are also part of the Canyon’s eco-system. These wildlife are often portrayed in Hopi stone wall petroglyphs thousands of years old.

In the Hopi culture, the animal Kachinas (Ka means "respect", china means "spirit") have been used as the introduction to

Film Chapters within this Docu-music video to create an interpretative window into their world.  

The Hopi craftsman carves each animal to represent its unique physical characteristics.  Just like a compass each animal

is viewed as a guardian to the North, South, East and West.

Mountain Lions- Guardians of the North

(intuitive, resourcefulness, fearless protector) 

American Badgers- Guardians of the South 

(fierce, tenacious, tough to fight off larger predators) 

Wolves- Guardians of the East 

(cunning protectors and alpha leaders in a social pack)

Black Bears-Guardians of the West

(strength, power and wisdom).

Sky Bird Kachinas of the American Eagle

and Great-Horned Owl

are also present.




Filming the Grand Canyon from space, high resolution drones, 4K video cameras, special time-lapse dramatic night sky filming over the Canyon Rims and even advanced earth-penetrating Lidar technologies were used to create original high resolution images within this Docu-music video. New James Webb telescope discoveries were also integrated within this production.  These inspiring views add significant visual excitement and intrigue for audiences. 


The collaborative work of many talented professional experts in this Docu-music-video gave tremendous innovative efforts to inspire visitors in the current and future preservation of the Grand Canyon and its wildlife.

Copyright 2023-2024 Carol J. Amore,  All Rights Reserved including All Media (photographs, film and Docu-music video) 


Ancient Lands and Lives LLC is an award-winning film production company, Cannes World Film Festival 2024, dedicated to high impact visual storytelling with immersive music to complement the action.  

Clients gain a customized approach to include a combination of the most meaningful stories and images that capture a wide range of audiences at all age levels and domestic/international backgrounds.


Extraordinary wildlife themes on-location are frequently used in story development.  Carol J. Amore is the Executive Producer and Wildlife  Filmmaker/Photographer for her original Docu-Music videos and  wildlife documentaries for broadcast-streaming audiences.

Her award-winning TIGERS-Tracking a Legend, TIGERS Music Video and the Making of TIGERS filmed in Bandhavgarh's wild tiger

territory on top of an Asian elephant over a three year period demonstrates a commitment to telling a story of survival of a tigress and her two cubs.


The creative production process involves the shaping of a music video and/or documentary developing original ideas and footage including on-location filming, skilled video editing, enhanced special effects using AI technology as well as outstanding original music. The film focuses on the client's mission and the social media engagement style to enhance the client's Brand goals.

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